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For your broken heart ♡


"Maybe if I tell myself enough, maybe if I do, I'll get over you"

Everyone says he's so over you, but you don't care. You still love him, it's stupid to pretend like you don't. Time passes but your feelings aren't changing. You don't know if you're ever going to stop loving him. You try not to think about him, but sometimes he's the only thing on your mind. Although it might not ache as often, your heart has felt broken and empty since he left. You miss him, you hate him, and you love him.

This is a playlist of random songs that remind me of my ex and they have many different vibes, sort of like how he makes me feel. (Sad, happy, hurt, etc.)

35 tracks
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Hey guys let me know what you think and I want you all to know I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I was extremely heartbroken when I made this playlist, I'm still heartbroken but I'm getting better and I would love to help anyone with a broken heart. I know how you feel and trust me, everything will be okay in time.❤️