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Change or die

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I really loved this playlist. It was so sad and beautiful... Until the end that is. It made me burst into laughter and I couldn't stop laughing until the song finished. It. Was. Beautiful.

@ohfrostshield Ahahaha, then my work here is done! >D No, but seriously, thank you so much! You made my day. I think it was important to also reflect his joy for life and cuteness and it was the best song possible to see him off.

OH GOD WHY THAT SONG?! /you know the one./ Number 30. I had the music blasted for Iscariot and then THAT DARN CAT BLASTED MY EARS RIGHT OFF. I can't stop laughing this is wonderful i hate you <3

@nicotately OMG hahaha, I'm so sorry! I had placed the songs in order of "arrival" to the mix (except for #30, obviously for the surprise finale) and didn't consider the difference in loudness. I hope your eardrums are better now, and thank you.

@taotrooper it was mostly hilarious and SURPRISING so no real damage done. YOU'RE VERY WELCOME, gonna go back to crying about Kid Loki and hot Loki now.