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i don't want to let go


"I'm so alone, Frisk..."

this playlist wasnt meant to be so sad but asriel is sad
i cry a lot thinking about asriel
and i cry a lot just thinking about undertale
anyways here a playlist

[image credit - http://shomunn.tumblr.com/post/131393687448/although-youve-only-just-met-him-he-already]

12 tracks
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this mix is so good oh my god!!! its all perfect for asriel it kills meee--!!! I have a question though, where'd you find the version for love like you that in this mix? its super wonderful and im really curious!

@npaws ahhhh thank you so much!!!!! 8tracks is glitching and wont let me post the link, but its 'Love Like You (Complete as of right now.) by The Undead Speaker' on soundcloud!! if you google it, it should be the first to come up!

I, too, cry thinking about undertale and cry some more when I think about Asriel,, and then I listen to this playlist and I weep into eternity