Tarek Awad
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Close the door behind you.


This is my first mix here, including Global Underground, Stephan Bodzin .. I will be uploading a genuine track that i created later on, and I have more surprises for downtempo lovers. thanks

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Thanks Samuel loved that you liked it. Will start to make some more to share my archive of tracks to all :) Cheers my friend

I finally made some time to listen to this. Extremely well put together. look forward to hearing what's in you're other folders.

Thanks man .. I won't disappoint you :)
Your playlists are like a story .. words can't describe ! Hope that I will be close to that .. Cheers Trevald

I'll check it out .. This was my first playlist, I did it quickly and from the same folder .. I'll make a playlist that hopefully would take a Diamond certificate. I'm studying music production and I've been working a lot .. maybe I'll put a couple of my tracks in the next playlist :)