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don't let me be misunderstood

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well i've basically been listening to five for fighting my whole life and have known Note to the Unknown Soldier since it came out, but i never realized it could actually be about Sam Winchester until i came across this mix. i thank you a hundred times over for adding new meaning to songs that i already love!

Still the best mix about Sam I've heard so far. The only song I don't really like is the 15 Step one. The rest is perfect.

omg i am so glad you included monster by imagine dragons on here!! i was thinking about doing a sam fanmix that included this song before i heard yours, and i think this song is so perfect for sammy! love your mix!

yessss, i love monster for sam, I really think it encapsulates a lot of his inner struggle uvu thank you for your kind words!

the best feeling in the world: when you search the tag "five for fighting" (your favorite band) and the first mix that comes up is about your favorite character and contains all of your favorite songs your life is just complete and UGH THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL I'M DYING

all of these songs are so perfect I can just imagine Sam listening to them alone in the Impala during one of those between season gaps without Dean ughughh
and I can't believe you dedicated a Sam mix to me my heart is bursting right now you're too sweet //kisses all over aaa/

AAAAAAAA I'M REALLY GLAD YOU LIKED IT i made a dean mix and in coming up with his I found songs that reminded me of Sam and by association you SO I JUST...
smooches gently