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an Icelandic Dream


It's time for an updated playlist of all the Icelandic bands I've been listening to lately!

I like to think of using this playlist while driving along the coast of Iceland by myself, hopefully some of you will get to use this playlist for that - meanwhile, I'll keep dreaming of visiting Iceland. This playlist includes some songs by Vok and Milkywhale. Enjoy!

Cover Art from @amanadaciurdar IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/_QlA5yl3yf/

♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬

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