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Back to School mix


Back to School mixes - come September, everyone feels nostalgic about back to school vibes.

This is a collection of songs that remind me of back to school (well... university circa 2004 - 2006) but I've added some newer songs too. Hope this playlist helps others enjoy the start to fall. This list includes mostly indie songs by Arcade Fire and the White Stripes. Happy listening!

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♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬

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