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Marie Antoinette's iPod


So, you guys...I have been wanting to make an alternative version of the Marie Antoinette OST for a while...

This has been in the works for a while, trying to find an equivalent song to the corresponding song listing order on the original two-disc soundtrack. I've mostly found matches (in my personal opinion). This list includes new and old songs: new wave and nods to 80s music, and some classical tracks thrown in. Enjoy!

♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬ ♪♫♬

Thank you for listening!
Any favorite tracks?
Any tracks you think are missing or would improve this playlist?
Any you didn't like?
Let me know in the comments.

21 tracks