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the iron omens


Dozens of crows flew up from the beach, speckling the grey sky with tufts of feathers. Octavia’s laugh flew up with them.
I turned towards her, feeling the cruel grin plastered across her face tie knots in my stomach. “What’s so funny?”
She brushed a curl behind her ear and braced her shoulders against the wind. “Do you know what they call a group of crows, baby sister?” she asked.
“A murder?”
Her head shook, “A crow is a warning something bad could happen- a group means something bad will happen.” She smirked, “They call them the iron omens.”
I'd never seen her look so happy.
tracklist: http://tatraas.tumblr.com/post/130665614320/dozens-of-crows-flew-up-from-the-beach-speckling

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