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Festival Dreams, Painted Summer 2017, Mexico


(finishing touches in Victoria, BC, Summer 2017, Private Collection) -

The playlist is intended to invoke creative energy – the femme, the divine planet, structured around the hero’s journey. Naturally it’s also a bit of my story.

I use the music as a mantra to invoke an altered state. Songs are in the order that I listened to them while painting. Each song represents a colour in the painting. For the colour chart, images of the final painting and more info about this particular piece go to: http://bit.ly/2x6n1dk

In particular I wanted to share the music of Evalyn Parry, who has an amazing one woman show called Spin, about Amelia Bloomer, a woman who rode around the world on a bicycle for a bet, and for whom bloomers were named (it was not a compliment at the time).

Love xo

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