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Project X Ain't Got Nothing On Us!


Nothing makes a party better than an awesome mix to go along with whatever you and your party guests are mixing up. Pull out all of the deluxe liquors, the beer kegs, and get your keys ready to shot gun that beer. Don't forget to set up the strobe lights and key the bass up. Your neighbors may hate you after you start raging, but YOLO. {house mixes of popular songs..straight party hip-hop...the wrx}

  • Gobstopper (Figure Remix) by XV ft. Wiz Khalifa
  • rack city remix by Pradda ft tyga
  • Davicii Guetta Where Them levels at by DJJAILBREAK
  • Down On Me/Booty Wurk [Electrode Punjab Mix] (oh my god this is so bad lol... throwback) by Naiem
  • Nicki Minaj Dance Ass Remix (Remix) by Hollybobolly
  • Freak My Sh t ft. New Boyz & Mad Rich by LakeHouseEnt
  • Trouble Remix Feat Lyrican by Bei Maejor
7 tracks
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Is this supposed to be better than the Project X mix? If so then why is the Persuit of Happiness and Heads Will Roll on the mix?