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Post-Apocalyptia Pirate Radio - Vol 1 - GNR


This is 3-Dog, BOW-WOW! How you kids handlin Post-Apocalyptia today? We got a lot of great tracks comin to you right now. The best oldies in the Capital Wasteland brought to you by G.N.R! That's Galaxy News Radio in case you forgot. Stay safe out there children and watch yourself...

18 tracks
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to get sounds like that you need to own the games. then you find the files and get them out with a BSA extractor. Then they aren't anything more than words and short sentences so you have to cut the larger sentences together. either that or you could play the game and live record the audio.

very cool.

extractor is how i got the audio from gta vice city. everything was in flat files, tho. didn't have to piece it together.