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Chill Out Girlscout (For Studying Music Lovers)

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HOLY SHIT you are my music twin. After listening to your pregame mix which had many of my EDM favorites including Language and Titanium... (those are the ones that come to mind, I know there were many more) I knew I had to listen to this mix as well.

Then I see that you like DMB!! (I just saw them live 2 weeks ago) After hearing a bunch of other songs I love/am hearing for the first time and also loving I knew I had to say something.
THEN I hear Small Moments by A&B. I died. You keep blowing my mind by including so many of my favorites from all genres.

I would love to hear more!! So glad I found your mixes. Keep 'em comin!!

Ahhh thanks that made my day! I have a really eclectic music taste and i knew this mix was kind of out there but i love this music and im so glad you found it! I'm making another one... what type of playlist do you wanna hear next?