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Not a Wasted Word


"Not a Wasted Word" - Hunter S. Thompson

*Please give the first song a little time to build--it's worth it*

This is an emotional playlist for writing--mostly instrumental. These songs have a lot of build, and a lot of intense emotion and passion put in to the writing. I have tried to make it so any song could work for most any emotion.

These aren't really meant to be angry songs, although there are a few that work for anger as well, this playlist is intended to be for other passionate emotions such as joy, love, sadness, and hope. These songs help me out a lot when I'm writing so I hope they will help you too!

10 tracks
8 comments on Not a Wasted Word

Thank you. Thank you so much for the mood you've created in this mix, now I feel like I can handle everything I was afraid of.

@meloinov No problem! I had an amazing time making this mix, I'm so glad that someone else could find this music so helpful. Thank you for your lovely comment

thank you so much for sharing these songs. I was in the worst mood, and couldn't focus, and within a few bars of the first song everything came pouring out. It's exactly what I needed to hear, this is so, so incredible.

@xtinam That is exactly how I felt the first time I listened to that song, so I'm really glad it was able to reach another person and help you like it helped me :)