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SILENTWATCH (An Instrumental Overwatch Playlist)


no words, just feel the healing beat

tracklist: http://traccr.tumblr.com/post/147553174095/traccr-silentwatch-an-instrumental-overwatch

since you cant play it twice i made a youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAC06WpRjF3btUH6fSdTG_YNxX4UXnEa

EDIT: ana's track was incorrectly cited as home but has now been changed to undertale // also, forgot junkrat and roadhogs track, a little heart to heart, on the graphic, consider it a bonus!

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I've probably listened to this five times in the last two days - it's a great mix for working or browsing the internet or drawing - super versatile and suiting all moods. I love how every character's personality comes through in the songs you picked for them (though I initially thought the Elizabeth track for Tracer was a surprisingly sombre choice for someone who seems so bubbly and high-energy ...but then I tied it to her backstory, and suddenly that level of gravitas made a really sad amount of sense). Thank you for the mix, and thanks especially for the Youtube playlist too!