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The Times They Are a'Changin'


FAR OUT! 100 groovy, righteous, right on tunes from deep in the heart of the 60s - Dylan and the Folk Boom, Soul, San Francisco sound, Psychedelia, Garage Band Nuggets, Hendrix - put a flower in your hair, light up an electric banana, put on your love beads, something's in the air.

96 tracks
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anita: thanks. i made it for my pop music class, but you are right. my memory is their history and these were amazing times. i might be wrong, however. robin williams says if you remember the 60s, you probably weren't there . . . haha

great mix, really enjoying listening to it and amazing how our youngsters hardly know this music. thanks again. 1971 baby.

hmmm...... looks like there might actually be a robocop patrolling the cybersphere .... a robocop that doesn't like LINKS!!

I was only seeking clarification of the "number of artist" rule. I was in no way trying to police the site. I thank "musicmessage" for the answer to my question. Sorry that I offended the "mixer"...it was not my intention.

@dailycow - No worries on my end. It was the tone of your post that prompted my reaction. I must admit that the first words that popped into my mind were identical to teacherbrad's ... "so this guy is the self-appointed music cop???" But being brand new to the site, I dialed it back a bit. Your respectful reply and the fact that your photo accompanies your screen name speaks volumes. And hey, you obviously love your cat! I volunteer in feline rescue and anyone who loves cats can't be all bad ;)

Wow ... what a gift! Ground-breaking music from a tumultuous time... The 1960's cultural revolution galvanized 3 major movements still with us today: civil rights, peace, and the environment. I guess every generation has their time of discovery and release, but I think the 60's-70's were an age of innocence and transformation ...along with a healthy dose of hell-raising fun!
This song-mix pretty well covers it. Love it. THANK YOU!!!