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Kingdoms of the Sky


In ancient times, when a high level of oxygen allowed species to grow to much larger proportions, a race of fairies flourished and grew both in size and intelligence. They began to build massive cities in the clouds, until the oxygen level plummeted, forcing the fairies to either shrink and go into hiding. Starting with the prehistoric cities of legend and ending in the Victorian Era, when humanity’s ambition to reach the clouds via steam power caused them to collide with the race of fairies who had called the sky their home for eons.

Mostly an instrumental mix (with a few that include lyrics).

ACT I: Prehistory and the Mighty Kingdoms of Old (1-7)
ACT II: Extinction Event (8-14)
ACT III: Hiding in the Hills and Forests (15-21)
ACT IV: The Victorian Conflict (22-28)

28 tracks