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a golden experience (knowing you)


aaaaaaa!!!!!! happy 17th! 17 songs that i know you like/have liked in the past/are related to things you like!!!
u are hecka great and even tho we dont see each other v much or talk much anymore i still consider u a good friend of mine, always
and yes, the title is a jojo ref, and yes, i know golden experience is giorno's stand, not bruno;s
sorry the title is so shitty and sentimental i coulndt think of anthing else (especially not a jojo ref)
and i also know you dont like to really celebrate ur birthday but i cant not get you a present so here it is!!!
u are a really great friend uwu
also sorry the cover is kinda bland i rushed it bc i didnt have it done until today (sorry about that ;A;)

18 tracks
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