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there's a reason 'study' and 'stupid' sound alike

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you wish you could pause life, but you'll never wish to pause this playlist

  • Viva La Vida by 2Cellos
  • The Scientist (played by The Piano Guy) by Coldplay
  • Stay With Me Instrumental Synth Remake by Sam Smith
  • A Drop In The Ocean instrumental by Taylor-Paige Guba
  • All I Ever Wanted Instrumental by TheWE.Music Productions
  • blue_jeans_instrumental by NLOFC
  • Sunday Morning (Piano Cover) by Maroon 5
  • Beethoven' s 5 Secrets by ThePianoGuys
  • Hunter Hayes Wanted (Instrumental Cover) by Cabal Sieben
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by 2Cellos
  • covering every teardrop is a waterfall instrumental by wiracong
  • 21 guns instrumental (Cover) by Green Day
  • Payphone by Maroon 5
13 tracks
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