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Teep's Rollin' In Your Wake


8+1 tracks including music by Cane, Chromatics, and E*Vax.
Time: 48:58
Another Response Mix - This time behind: Btrxz's As Rain Rolls So do We - chx it aut if you haven't dun yet!

9 tracks
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Hey nice to see Cane here! Fellow dutchies on a label from my hometown: 030303 030 is area code for phone numbers in Utercht :)

hey! HUGE into Cane at the moment! just scooped Roed's Vade album, look for it on phuture mixes! ;) I gotta catch up on your mixed KataC!

Great looking forward to those. :D If you don't already know it I highly recommend this EP: Cane-Teknotest-Fall/master/140684" rel="external">http://www.discogs.com/Cane-Teknotest-Fall/master/140684 You haven't missed much on the elecktronixx side from my part. Next mix will have more beats!

thanks for the listen c_d! this was a "response" mix which means I made it by listening to @btrxz referenced mix and track by track selecting the "responding" song.

ah shweet. i'll be sure to check out that mix as well. mebby play them simultaneously. no? yes? bad idea? yeah, probably...not

I'll be rollin' into AA in a couple o' weeks to watch Nebraska lay a big ol' can o' whoopass on Michigan. That is, if our friend hasn't sold or ripped up my tickets! ;-) Great mix, Mr. Teep!