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✨i /like/ like you✨


for isla!!!!

this is gonna b rlly sappy

umm ok so ur the best person weve ever met ever probably?? you always calm us dow n when were sad and youre so nice and affectionate and perfect;;
you dont mind when im sad and you always help all of us through the bad times,even if they last a super long time,, youre really nice!!
i cant wait to see you irl and hold hands and cuddle all the time!! i love you sooo much!! we love you so much and youre our whole whole world !! isla youre the best person in the whole owrld im about to cry bc i love u and im gay
lets get marrie d and have a bunch of crystals and houseplants instead of kids tbh
ps: i didn t put darude sandstorm bc it didnt fit with the other songs

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