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someone else lives on


if i could put it into words,
every second
someone else lives on.

i miss powapowa-p, who passed away last summer. he was my favorite vocaloid producer. i knew a song of his i loved, so i strived to create a mix of songs to go with it. most of the songs are nostalgic yet sad, to describe the way i feel when i hear his music nowadays...it begins with you and ends with you. 8 tracks and a year, and i still miss your music. i wish you could stay, but sometimes you can't help but go...
whoever sees him wherever he is, please tell him i loved his work.

art: http://makina7.com/p-tobitokage.html

8 tracks
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i really miss powapowa-p... i loved strobe last, something about the sound makes me really emotional. Thank you for making this playlist, even if it made me a bit sad.

I miss him too, astronauts was by far my favourite song, I feel like crying everytime I hear it ;-; the lyrics of the song it so good ;-;

@fieldmice I did enjoy your playlist~ may his songs live on though. O n a side note I got a little emotional reading your note on the playlist, I can't believe it's already been almost a year...