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under 30 club


hes a best friend ! shes a best friend ! were all best friends !

given permission to use the art ! check out the artist here! >> http://n0rara.tumblr.com/post/148058466522

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Excellent mix, but I feel like Zenyatta should have somehow found his way into this mix, what w/being only 20 and arguably more childish than Junkrat or Lucio

@badabingbada yeah i agree somewhat!! but this was supposed to be more of a junkrat/lucio/dva mix bc in the fandom that trio of friends is pretty popular (tell me, id love for zenyatta to be in the friendship group) i probably shouldn't of used a name like under 30 club but my mistake!! if you want me to make another list including zen, you just ask tho!! ill be glad to make one ;o;