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8bit inspirationz 2: electric chiptaloo


My second gathering of awesoem chiptune/8bit goodness! lets get funky!

  • Illusive Spells (Ft. Crystal Castles) by Richard Pimenoff
  • Subatomic (Large Hadron Collider edit) by chiptune
  • Boss v2.3 (unfinished) by chiptune
  • Get Lucky (Dualtrax Chiptune Cover) by Daft Punk
  • Chiptune by Dubmood
  • Heavy Rotation (Chiptune Remix) Jkt48 by
  • bit Chiptune Mix) by Aurora (8
  • Chiptune 7 by Do What You Must
  • chiptune (LSDJ) Cold Static.uk by SCREAMSCENE!!!!
  • Chiptune Beat by FRESHbeatmaker
  • Popcorn (chiptune remix) by andreas.krogen
  • Chiptune 3 by Game On
  • A Chiptune Epic by 8Bit Banger
  • Easier to Run [chiptune cover] by Pavanz
  • Demo song (Chiptune versie) by Joren Knieper
  • 愛の軍団 (chiptune mixx) by yksb2
  • FEAR OF THE DARK chiptune by TRBBOT
  • Chiptune 1 by Asteroid Field
  • Nomorial (Chiptune cover) by XisForEyes
  • Chiptune track, lo-fi, demo by "Lofi/try"
  • (Chiptune cover) Machinae Supremacy − Nova Prospect by Lenich
  • Seven Nation Army Chiptune Cover by Laurent Baeriswyl
  • Chiptune 2 by Lets Explore
  • Chiptune 5 by Here to Fight
  • Chiptune 6 by I'm a Cartoon
  • Hello (Chiptune Cover) by RoccoW
  • Chiptune Superstar (2008) by xSheMusic
  • Chiptune Remake by The Fragile
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Chiptune Queen cover) by immattoneil
  • bit Chiptune by Gangnam Style 8
  • Malformed (Chiptune cover) by XisForEyes
  • A Lonely daze (Ambient chiptune) by Shaun Topliss
  • Nightcall (Chiptune Cover) by Kavinsky
  • Dig a Ditch Chiptune Cover (Within The Ruins) by Seth Mr
  • God Knows… (Chiptune Cover) by chafos
  • Soviet Combat [Chiptune Cover] (Red Alert 3) by BashemanMusic
  • Daddy Discord (Chiptune Cover) by Sand Josieph
  • Burning in the Skies (Linkin Park) by Chiptune Cover
  • Skrillex (chiptune Cover) by Beautifull Sunday
  • My Request (Chiptune Cover) BGB version by SketchMan3
  • Adele Skyfall Chiptune Cover by Scorch
  • Mad World (Gary Jules, Tears For Fears) by Chiptune Cover
  • Levels (chiptune cover) by Avicii
  • Hey Monster! (Chiptune Cover) by rezawkward
  • Phantom pt II (WNB chiptune cover) by Justice
  • MAY 16 (Lagwagon chiptune cover) by StuckOnJune™
  • No Use For a Name by No Use for a Name
  • 8Bit Bad Religion Cover by I Want To Conquer The World
  • Hurt (8 Bit Cover) by Johnny Cash
  • Becoming A Cover W.I.P. [Nine Inch Nails Tribute] by 8-Bit Panda Strike!
  • 8bit remix by Marilyn Manson-Beautiful People
  • 8bit remix by Marilyn Manson-Coma White
  • Chiptune for Mega Man (1987) by Crispiration Art
  • 1-06 Mega Man X by Sixto Sounds
  • Mega Man X Subterranean Base (remake) by Thunder Fox
  • Spark Mandrill (Mega Man X) by GeekBoy Digital
  • Theme of Mega Man X Command Mission by Mei-sama
  • Hitboxx by Metroid
  • Old pop punk song 8bit by Steve Mc
  • Bit Pop Punk by 8
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