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for the stage manager(s)


"i can't believe that life's so complex when i just wanna sit here and watch you undress."

inspired by both the ridiculously attractive boys who are involved in the musical & this great mix: http://8tracks.com/janebirkin/for-my-geography-teacher

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this is adorable! I love the whole thing! Its tough to have a crush is my new favorite song! Thank you for putting this together!

ah thank you so much!!! & the musical is 'the wedding singer' (the cover art is a photo from the broadway production) :)

aha i'm glad you like it! & it's called that because i'm quite in love with at least four of the stagehands/stage managers in the musical i'm doing!!!

sorry if that was nosey of me, but I was asking because I have a mix on my page that is for a boy that's a stage manager too! haha :)

no that's fine!!! & idk what it is about stage managers! they are always so gorgeous! & i will definitely check your mix out too :)