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MAFDET // Ray Of Light


The bonus DEITIES 8tracks mix for Mafdet – the Egyptian Goddess of justice, and protector against dangerous and venomous animals – who is part of the supporting cast from my visual DEITIES project!

This mix is a selection of songs which convey different aspects of Mafdet’s character within the project. It primarily focuses on Mafdet’s active role in the pantheon, and her encouraging, unwavering spirit -- even in the face of adversity -- to persevere and motivate herself, as well as others. Some tracks will suit her character better than others.

This is one of many character-inspired playlists from the project. View and learn more about Deities of Duat / DEITIES Project on the official tumblr! http://deitiesofduat.tumblr.com/

17 tracks
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