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Too Much Is Never Enough

2 comments on Too Much Is Never Enough

as it says in one of these songs, this is perfect :))
you've got a great taste in music! please make more mixes like this one :D

still not sure which one's better, this one or your "sinking ships" :) i played that one so many times, but it never gets old.

i guess popularity of the mixes on 8tracks doesn't have to do much with their quality, because this mix definitely deserves more likes :] (while some others become very popular though i don't see why :D)

So true! I tend to check out the "liked" ones more often, but have found some real gems that were not very popular at all Lol. :) And thanks again, "Sinking Ships" might be my favorite too! This whole genre of music is amazing honestly..feels like I should have been listening to this all along. :)