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Musical Sangria


Latin-infused mix for studying, reading or relaxing on the beach with a glass of sangria. ;)
Andean flute panpipe music, Spanish guitar, Gipsy Kings and music from Jamendo and FreeMusicArchive. **Thanks for the great response!! I have removed a few songs that didn't quite fit and added a couple more guitar pieces I found at FMA. Enjoy!**

18 tracks
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oh my goodness I'm going to die this is so beautiful... I'm Peruvian so all this Andean music pulls at my heart strings. You should make a part 2 :)

So glad that you like it! I was just given 3 Peruvian CDs from a Pervuian couchsurfer, and I plan on adding some of those songs.

The guest also gave me a panpipe and flute and I had the best time pretending to play along to this playlist and the Echos from the Andes one! haha. Andean is such amazing music!!!