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this love


this is basically a bunch of throwback songs that i really loved and i hope you guys did too:) enjoy.

  • She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
  • Burnin' Up Jonas Brothers by Alec Lindroth
  • Maroon5 This Love by yosepsuhendar
  • Paranoid by Jonas Brothers
  • Rihanna SOS REMAKE by Paweland video from session on yt
  • Disturbia Rihanna by Madara Uchiha 19
  • Poker Face, Lady Gaga by darken567
  • waking up in vegas by Katy pery
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Teenage Dream Katy Perry Cover SiriusXM by Angry_Nerds
  • Just a Feeling by Maroon 5
10 tracks
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