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GREAT songs 7 or-more minutes loooooong.


All at least 7 minutes long, and awesome. No live version. Beatles, Arcade Fire, Zeppelin, Death Cab, Jimmy, Doors, and many many more.

Proper intro, proper outro, long guitar solos, too many lyrics to ever remember... works of art.

No live versions, all studio recordings !

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27 tracks
3 comments on GREAT songs 7 or-more minutes loooooong.

I am only halfway through, but i can already say that i quite like this playlist. many of my favorite songs. When i did my playlist 2 years ago i didnt knew so many long songs, so it was too short, but you did it the right way! :D

@tgSHUFFLE Hard to say as i already finished the playlist and dont got the full list in front of my eyes like you do. ;) If you could send me the list at , i would be able to answer. =)