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Books then Video Games

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Study - classical music and video game soundtracks

  • Final Fantasy VII Tifa's Theme by Gema Handaru
  • Funeral March by Scum of the Earth
  • ザナルカンドにて by 植松伸夫
  • Air (On The G String) J.S. Bach by Hollywood Strings
  • Unmistakable by Jo Dee Messina
  • To Zanarkand Final Fantasy X Guitar Cover by FamilyJules7x
  • Final Fantasy 7 (Advent Children) by Aeris's (Aerith's) Theme
  • Always on My Mind by 下村陽子
  • Treasured Memories by 下村陽子
  • Bach Little Fugue by Tom McElvogue
  • Super Mario Orchestra by Wael Magdy
11 tracks
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