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These are some of the funkiest and grooviest bands in the country who play with the Electro swing sounds fused with guitars, heavy beats and a lot of spunk !

it features the regulars like karsh kale and many upcoming artists like Dualist Inquiry pcrc, madboy/mink,nanok ,sridhar/thayil, BREED, humble the poet n more.

14 tracks
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Very excellent! I'd love to hear these groups in a nightclub. But India is a wee bit of a TRIP (physical distance -- drag, mental distance -- cool, culture distance -- makes me nervous). I think India as the home of metaphysical music. But I don't know anything -- I've never been there. Books, and movies, that's all. Avial sounds a little Bollywood -- which I like from time to time. But I'm rambling, which I never do. It must be the effect of the music.

@JimBobBoy first of all thank you so much for liking this... and yes, India can be a very daunting destination. I mean the sheer cultural diversity is mind boggling, even to someone like me who lives here...But its the only place you will find that every new idea, culture, music, religion or people get assimilated peacefully. That why bollywood is a poor representation of india. its only a small part but unfortunately its the only one that sells globally, so people don't get to know about the range of music, like the kind I have compiled here...But its changing lately. there is more shouldn't be nervous...once you get used to the pace, you'll love the confusion and contradictions.