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Thumrī is love & longing...


'Thumri is a light form of Indian classical music. The text is romantic and devotional in nature, and usually revolves around a girl's love for Lord Krishna. The language is a dialect of Hindi called Brij bhasha.'

Its a lyrical ode to love and its various moods, experienced in a lifetime.

This playlist is a collection of music from the stalwarts of Hindustani classical music- Bade Ghulam ali khan, Barkhat ali Khan, Shobha Gurtu, Siddeshwari devi and more

cover : The Begum !

14 tracks
6 comments on Thumrī is love & longing...

This is gold. Also, saw the playlists you've published. Can't wait to hear them all. And Indian jazz?! Not something you find on 8tracks that often :)

@kavyanjalik I think the purpose of sharing music on this platform is to promote diverse forms of music. Thanks a lot. I hope you like the rest of them as well !