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The Poison Of Eternal Perdition [T. Grace]


❝if adventure had a name... it must be Dean Winchester.❞

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  • Indiana Jones Theme by scottVINCENT
  • Supernatural Theme by ShapeShifter
  • Indiana Jones Theme Song [HD] Hd720 by Bhuvan Mittal
  • Dean's theme (Americana excerpt) by jauntyeyepatch
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Trailer) by BrianTyler
  • "Constance's Theme" from 'Supernatural' (Pilot Episode) by Ernie Mannix
  • End Credits (Bonus Track) by Abbadon, Indiana
7 tracks
2 comments on The Poison Of Eternal Perdition [T. Grace]

@palmtreeblues Yeah, it's an Indiana Jones and Supernatural crossover. Dean takes the role as Indiana Jones, and a few old characters take the role as Indy's leading ladies (Cassie, Bela, and Lisa - I'll leave you to guess who they're taking the roles of), and all the Indy characters are recasted to be Indiana Jones characters. It's basically an AU set in 1939, and Dean gets to go on adventures for demonic relics.