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the sky is the element that all others fall back on,
their home, their saviour, their friend- but the sky can only take so much until it cracks and falls apart-

"...It's funny to think that I'm the tenth to go through this, crazier even to remember that I won't be the last; I'd cry and scream over such a lousy fate, but it's not like such things would solve anything in the end."

fanmix for an older!cynical!tsuna from khr

18 tracks
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Wow. This is perfect! TT_TT Though, I can't play the whole thing because of the 8 hour license, could you please send me the list of these songs? Plllllllllllllease TT_TT

This has remained my favorite playlist on this whole website for quite some time now. I really love the song choices here. (It certainly doesn't hurt that Michelle Chamuel's voice reminds me of Tsuna's) Thank you very much!!