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lifted up

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no i literally cannot express how perfect this mix is. the atmosphere, the happiness and love, it's making my night and keeps a smile on my face jesus,, thank god for victuuri and you for making this. im so so glad i found it

@cas-the-angel thank you for these lovely comments; i'm glad you enjoyed it!! i feel so blessed that i'm /able/ to make a mix like this for this wonderful show

This is so good holy shit??? I'm so glad you were able to make Happy work! This is so positive and full of pure love and I can see Viktor's perspective in the lyrics I love it ;A;

@thevelosarahptor i thought i replied to this so sorry if it posts twice??? I'm really glad i made happy work too, thanks for the suggestion--it's SO VIKTOR. making a mix so positive and sparkly was a JOY

im yELLING this mix is so beautiful and each of these songs really sound like they came from victors point of view im so?? god i love this

@soulffles thank you so much!! i'm glad the lyrics worked for you; i always worry that i read too much into lyrics or get too attached to songs that vaguely fit, so that's really lovely to hear!