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Leave All Suckers In The Dust (End of HS)


I made this playlist a couple years ago so I could listen to something cathartic to and from school. Because I was tired of the whole high school thing and I had been desperate to leave for a year or more. In my mind, these songs were the ultimate "fuck you" to the last four years of my life that I was glad to be leaving behind. But one day in mid-May when I was driving to school, listening to the music, I started to think about everything that had happened over the course of my life so far, during high school especially, and the finality of it hit me all at once. And I cried like a bitch right there in my car. For like 5 minutes. Then I pretended-to-get-it-together-but-totally-didn't and went to class. True story.

15 tracks
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