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chin up flower, you're almost done


look how far you've come and look how much you've learned in the past year. you've learned not to trust everyone, and you've learned to love yourself in ways that you didn't know you could love yourself. and guess what? school is almost over and you're still here! and for that you deserve a golden star because it takes a lot to do that and you're doing it. school is almost over for the year and i'm just so so proud of you! chin up flower, you're almost done. i love you!
-ana ⋆

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This mix speaks to me on such a deep level I didn't know i had. I really and truly love this mix and trying to use human words just can't express the impact of this deeply beautiful music

okay accidently sent that comment before i finished, i know how it encourages one to hear that something she madr reached to another one's heart and this playlist reached me. i took power from this and thank you for that.