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feelin' swaggy


a bunch of kpop songs with hip-hop elements and a few k-hip hop songs, to bring out the swag in you;; featuring all your favourites and perhaps a few surprises? { marked nsfw for language }

  • 뻑이 가요 by GD & TOP
  • Appetizer by Jay Park
  • Beep Beep by BTOB
  • Die Legend 2 (ft. Dok2 & Dynamic Duo) by Drunken Tiger
  • 히비디히비디합 by M.I.B
  • Mic Ceremony (feat. Zico, DJ Wreckx) by i11evn
  • THE CYPHER 2012 by Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra, Choiza
  • 뭐하러(What Up) by Lezly nah
  • Be Brave by BIGSTAR (빅스타)
  • Infinite H by Without You
  • San E – Story Of Someone I Know (아는 사람 얘기) by Baka Chii
  • LOL by Block B
12 tracks
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