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Colours look Brighter in the Rain


Vancouverites, this is our mix....

For that deep rooted gladness on a grey and stormy day, that knowledge that the weather cannot stop you, and that realization that against the dark grey clouds, the golds and reds of fall shine so much brighter.

Feel Bad Ass, feel Happy, and go get wet!

  • Cobrastyle by Robyn
  • Man Must Dance by Johnossi
  • Drumming Song (Live Abbey Road 2009) by Florence And The Machine
  • Arcade fire blondie by MrKlavonkulis
  • The Chills by Peter Bjorn and John
  • 03 Det snurrar i min skalle by user1265737
  • In the Sun by She & Him
  • Only Human by Fallulah
8 tracks
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