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one love, one lifetime


While the TARDIS coral grows, they spend their time at Torchwood. Cuddling on the sofa, watching telly. Family dinners at the Tyler mansion. The Doctor telling Rose everyday, many times, that he loves her. Because he's never going to miss a chance to tell her ever again.

She asks him, "How long are you gonna stay with me?" He answers, "Forever." Now he can keep that promise because their forever's are the same. He shows her this by getting down on one knee and asking her that famous four-word question. To which she, of course, answers "Yes".

Not long after they say "I do", the time has finally come. Their TARDIS is finished growing and ready for traveling the stars. Then starts the next part of their forever.

18 tracks
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Idek if ship Rose with Ten (more of a Nine fan, myself, in fact I just published a Ninerose playlist earlier today) but the description really got me crying. Kudos