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Recovering Country Music Hater


My favorite country & bluegrass tracks from a man who (usually) despises the genre.

Gillian Welch, early Dwight Yoakam, Clint Black

12 tracks
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another of my favs is Robert Petway but i dont know how easy that is to find. im really diggin the okd country, its very much like the blues... but kind whiter. ha ha check out Little miss Higgins. shes from saskatewan and the real deal. real pirty too

Just these still.

I've been really grooving on Bossa Nova and Gypsy music lately. My musical palette for that flavor of music is not refined enough yet to bust out a playlist.

The Squirrel Nut Zippers is fun Klezmer uplifting music. also more in the gypsy style are The Musikas, and the soundtrack from Latcho Drum is fantastic, a beautiful film about gypsies from all over the world. The country bluegrass thing is really a surprise to me, though being a Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith fan, maybe not :)

great recommendations (the Zippers are on my 'perma-playlist' ... love them) - I'll check out the other two.

You should definitely crank out an 8-track playlist with Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith ... and throw in some Louis Jordan and Muddy Waters for some variety.'t_Nobody_Here_But_Us_Chickens