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1982 Festive Fifty


In 1976, BBC Radio One DJ John Peel created a listener-driven chart called the Festive Fifty, it would traditionally broadcast over Christmas Eve and Day. Throughout the year listeners would send their top three tracks of all-time to the BBC, then Peel would count the votes to create a fifty track chart. In 1982, in attempt to promote local acts he mentored, the rules changed to only allow the top three tracks he had played that year. These rules remained until his death in 2004, which also saw the last BBC broadcast of the Festive Fifty.

The year’s top three artists were New Order, Robert Wyatt and Grandmaster Flash. The album cover is a photograph entitled “West Virginia family” (1982) by Nicholas Nixon. Some tracks were removed because of 8tracks’ two tracks per artist policy.

45 tracks
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