the bellevue show
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For Beau. For the untold blessings. For the straw blonde hair. For the half-sunken lids. For Christian. For the unavoidable irony. For the guilt and the glory. For the eyes that never close. For Murphy. For the lost cause. For the one without a home. For the kid who thought he could do it, after all. For Topher. For the cynic. For the black sheep of a twisted white herd. For the last man standing. For Audrey. For the girl who keeps the world turning. For the sticky fingered soul. For the survivor. For Ronnie. For the ultimate muse, Cleopatra incarnate. For the show-stopper. For the life-ender. For Sully. For the unaccounted remainder. For the story they thought they'd laugh off in ten years. For the girl.

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