The Contiguities
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The Contiguities.
Mood kit #5.
Read to "Ascanio" by Alexandre Dumas and listen to the mixtape.

  • Saltarello (I) [Italian, 14th C.] by St George's Canzona
  • Italian salta by Medieval Music
  • 03 Cantiga 166 by crossmeister
  • Dance With Dragons by BrunuhVille
  • Rókatánc by Vox Vulgaris
  • Como Poden Per Sas Culpas by Datura Medieval Music
  • Esrum bourré by VIRELAI
  • Barde (Traditional Medieval Music) by spiritualmatrix
  • Concordia (instr.) by IOCULATORES
  • Ondas do mar by Harpantiqua
10 tracks
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