the crow king
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Kamui has done nothing to deserve so many playlists dedicated to him but here's another one anyway.
Happy (late) birthday you little fuck.

13 tracks
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TRACKS: Death as a fetish - Starfucker // Never wanted to dance - Mindless Self Indulgence // Heads will roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Don't stop (the fat rat remix) - Foster the People // F.T.W.W.W. - My Chemical Romance // Fever - Adam Lambert // Lights out - Mindless Self Indulgence // I can't decide - Scissor Sisters // Drain the blood - The Distillers // Tomorrows money - My Chemical Romance // Black sheep - Metric // Dangerous - Big Data ft. Joywave // Volatile times - Iamx

I like your Gintama fanmixes, these which i have heard really fit, on my opinion)) But I don't know why now I can see only 6 songs though it is written it's 11 0o (sorry for my english) maybee you could add a list or something like that?

@anon-1479092405724056 thats so strange :/ I'll add a list to the description right now, sorry about that. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them!