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4-Hour Videogame Study Music


Hello everyone, 8tracks is putting a limit on users on the amount of hours they can listen to so I suggest using an alternative site instead to listen to music. I created a playmoss account that will have all my playlists and more.

I made this playlist because I was inspired by the youtuber baxylz. The playlist he tailored was so well knitted, it inspired me through some of my harder exams.

Music for you while you read, study, or any of your needs. Filled with calm, live, instrumental, ost, and jazz songs with no lyrics.

Are you tired of studying or reading in dull silence? Do you enjoy listening to music intended for video games, but just can’t find a proper outlet for your needs? Wait, what? You have? Oh, well you should out the 8tracks I made.

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79 tracks
7 comments on 4-Hour Videogame Study Music

omg i think it cut off most of my comment im so srry i had written a lot more //// but thank u so much for making this playlist i listen to it literally all of the time

@crashings Don't worry about, but thank you luv! I hope it helps with your studies, work, writing, or whatever fits your needs.

I wanted you to know I just made an account so I could like your playlist. When listening to playlists, some songs appeal to me than others, but in your playlist I loved every one of the songs of it. Congratulations and thank you for creating something so beautiful and inspiring <3

@Arcade Sun Thank you! That is one of the nicest things someone has said to me. I feel so honored and flustered right now. I'm glad you appreciated it. <3