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boy with gunsmoke for breath


❝i. boy with gunsmoke for breath. boy with rebellion in your bones.
ii. your city is ignited. your city is screaming your name. your city is raising its fist, your city is slamming its body against a police shield and smiling a red, bloody smile.
iii. your voice is the loudest shout at the head of the picket line. your voice is all war and they love you for it. your voice is breaking, but it is holy.
iv. you are a god and they will follow you anywhere. you are apollo and you have traded your silver bow for a shotgun and a mean right hook.
v. boy who screams anarchy from the roofs of police cars. boy born for revolution. boy, the world is yours. all you have to do is burn.❞
révolutionnaire | m.c.p (c) brotticelli.tumblr
(c) image : charlieecobalt.tumblr

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