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Beach Date with Slavoj Zizek


You’re at your first academic conference, ready to present your paper on the monstrous geographies of Julia Kristeva. You don’t notice the grizzly-faced man until you walk into him. He's wearing a baggy, stained t-shirt. You nearly snap at him for not watching where he's going until you notice who you're talking to...renowned Marxist, psychoanalytic, and postmodernist thinker Slavoj Zizek! You stammer an apology and make conversation. Afterwords you can't remember exactly what you said, but you do know that you've somehow scored a beach date with Slavoj Zizek. You've got the perfect dress to maximize your libidinal economy, but what about some tunes? Thanks to zombiegraycat for helping with the backstory.

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i first listened to this late at night and touch me came on and i thought to myself "hell yeah touch me mr. zizek you sexy bear of a man" then i went to bed and when i woke up i realized the last person i wanted touching me all night long was slavoj zizek. rip