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"If ever they remembered their life in this world it was as one remembers a dream."

A lonely light in a forest clearing. It's like a dream, or a dream of a dream. There had been a Before, before Now. Before their reign, long and prosperous, there was something more. Faces, sounds and scents only half-forgotten.

A classical fanmix for the Kings and Queens of Narnia who have to go home.

8 tracks
3 comments on The White Stag

when I wrote the earlier comment I olny listened to the start which was so soothing. But as it rose to the cresendo I thought that the start wss like a smooth take off and as it rose to the heights the thundorous levels were so inspiring and finally as though the engines booster got activated launching ss to supersonic speed in espectstion of breaking the limits of gravity.

So soothing, so soothing as to prepare the mind for all the turbulance of the day. Keep playing, make us ready to do only good for others. ...Vjknair